Gail provides general psychotherapy for trauma, grief or transition. She has PTSD and trauma training from the VA, and psychoanalytic training. Gail works with you in the emotional and the physical realms to expand your awareness. With more understanding, you will find life enrichment, increased competence and will be better able to solve dilemmas.

Gail also provides specialized parent support, particularly for parents with difficult children, difficult child issues, or children with difficulties. Gail works with you to enhance your parenting tools and skills in complex settings. Gail helps you identify how your family works and how members in the family work individually. By identifying your particular needs, Gail helps you design strategies that are personally and particularly targeted for YOU, YOUR CHILD, and YOUR FAMILY. 

 Gail is the Consulting Parent Specialist and Psychotherapist to SPOTS (Special Programs in Occupational Therapy Services https://spotsot.com

Gail is also the MESH (Mental, Emotional, Social Health) Consultant to Crane Lake Camp https://cranelakecamp.org


Gail Sinai, JD, LCSW