Skills and Tools When Parenting is Challenging

When a child has extra difficulties—whether sensory, developmental, behavioral or all three—ordinary parenting strategies are not enough. Even open-hearted and dedicated parents struggle to be there for these children in the best way possible. Parenting children with these challenges requires additional levels of skill and support. However, these specialized parenting strengths can be learned, exercised and deployed, successfully!

Gail Sinai has developed a 5-week therapeutic curriculum, drawing on therapeutic best practices and personal experience, that helps parents explore themselves and their children’s needs and develop working strategies to live and grow together. The curriculum explores children’s sensory experience and emotional development, the parenting relationship with these special children, and how to find strategies that work best for you. Every session builds on the prior session’s work. Also, every week will look at home experience from the prior week’s tools. The last session will examine all four skills to complete a larger framework for parenting children with sensory, developmental or behavioral difficulties.

By working holistically, you and Gail will explore and understand your own particular family’s needs and challenges and design strategies personally and particularly targeted for you and your family.


Session 1: The Sensory Experience as the Foundation of Emotional Life

Session 2:   The Emotional Development of Children

Session 3: The Emotional Interconnectedness of Parent and Child

Session 4: The Attachment Needs of Parent and Child

Session 5: Bringing it Together

The program is suitable for individuals, and particularly couples or small groups. Price and length of session vary depending upon the number of participants.

Please contact Gail at 917-583-9358 or therapy.gail.sinai.lcsw@gmail.com to learn more or discuss whether this is right for you.

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